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    -Have been to three other dog trainers over the years.  This is the first time everything made sense.  It's also the first time I was willing to do everything advised.  Nothing about this is cruel to the dog, unlike what other trainers have suggested.  The most exciting part was that on some issues I had immediate results.  This has most definitely never happened before!-


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    In July of 2009 my husband and I adopted a beautiful German Shepherd/Rottweiler named Dierks. The family we adopted him from warned that he was extremely shy and nervous, and that we were his fourth home at the age of 3 months old. When we got him home we notice he was skittish with humans, but he instantly fell in love with our female Rottweiler. We figured he was just getting used to his new surroundings and his nervousness would eventually fade. As time went by we noticed Dierks’ behavior was actually becoming worse and worse he stopped eating in front of us, always had his tail tucked and walked so low to the ground he was almost crawling. The only time we saw Dierks being a “normal” dog was when he was outside alone with our Rottweiler. It saddened us to know that he could only be relaxed and playful when we were not around. We felt as though Dierks was living a nightmare. We tried all the “usual” tricks trying to give him extra attention, making him socialize with us and our other dogs. As time went by we noticed our “tricks” were not helping at all. We knew then that we needed to get Dierks some help. We were referred to Animal Care Center where we met with Dr. Kara. After a long discussion with her we were referred to meet with Shane with Peaceful Pups 101. We immediately scheduled a consultation to have Shane come to our house and teach us a better way of living with our dogs. Turns out some of our “tricks” were actually hindering the process of getting Dierks to come out of his shell. We learned that we needed to be the leaders of our household. We also learned that by being the leaders to not only Dierks but to our other 3 dogs this would take a lot of pressure off of Dierks. There were a lot of lifestyle changes that had to be made. We changed everything from meal times to playtime. Thru all of our adjustments we have noticed a big change in all of our dogs. Dierks has begun to interact with my husband and I on a regular basis. Before he used to hide under our kitchen table all day, now he is walking around our house, chasing the other dogs, and even laying down and sitting in the middle of a room on his own. Dierks is now letting us approach him and touch him without cowering or running. Although Dierks will most likely always be a nervous dog, we now see what a bright future he has.

     Jeremy & Kristine H – Tooele, UT
  1-2-1 Consultation

Shane helped us to understand and deal with a very bad situation that involved our wonderful dogs. He has done a wonderful job listening to the dogs and to us.

My husband and I recently moved to the area. There was a great deal of stress for the whole family and little did we realize for our dogs. My younger dog Bailey had lived with us in the same home for his whole life (6 years). My older dog Brandy was a senior citizen (13 years old), and had been a pound dog when we got her 9 years ago.

When we finally moved into our new home we noticed our dogs had some new and disturbing behaviors, especially our younger dog Bailey. Bailey had decided that he was the top dog and though Brandy was larger and older he attacked her several times.  He had always gotten along with her and she had been like a big sister to him from the day we brought him home. She had started showing signs of aging, maybe a little doggy Alzheimer’s. All of the factors combined to create a fearful situation for all of us.

I have had dogs all my life and yet I did not know how to deal with the attacks.  We discussed it with our vet and we were referred to Shane Tyler with Peaceful Pups. He came to our home and assessed the situation.

He explained the Canine Conversations technique and he developed a plan just for us and has been there for a number of situations where we needed further help.

The Canine Conversations program really digs into the dog and human psychology.  We now understand how dogs think and react based on their instinctive heritage.  We also learned how we project our own issues and expectations onto our beloved pets. It really makes commons sense once you read about it and practice the program as explained. The more you work the better the dogs respond!!

It has worked well for us. Shane listens to the dogs and trains the humans to do the same. We noticed changes right away. However once things were going well we backed off on some of the training. A few problems occurred again and I called Shane. He listened and we talked at length. He was very encouraging and pointed out where we could improve. He counsels humans for the betterment of their pets. Now we know what we have to do and when we do have a question or issue Shane is there to listen, encourage and recommend.

Harry, Elizabeth, Brandy and Bailey Barksdale (Maggie, the cat is happy too!!!)
1-2-1 Consultation
This is my pack, (from left to right) Dakota, Isabella, and my foster Georgie. Just 9 months ago these three dogs couldn’t even be in the same room together without some kind of altercation happening, we’re talking full on teeth showing, growling, barking, lunging, and biting types of altercations (I’m not even sure there is a way to get across just how tense every moment was).

With a lot of work and a lot of help from Shane the three are now peacfully hanging out with each other, not only in same room together, but on the same bed!! I have to admit that there were times when I didn’t believe this day would ever come, and there were deffinitly times when I thought the work wasn’t even worth it and then BAM a moment like this and I know it’s all worth it!! I have to take a moment and thank Shane for talking me out of giving up everytime that thought crossed my mind and for always being available to answer my question, regardless of how silly they sometimes seemed. And to anyone who is unsure if all of this really works or if it’s worth it…I say here is the proof!!
Gina, Dakota, Bella, and Georgie
1-2-1 Consultation

I love this dog so much. Thanks Peaceful Pups for making her so wonderful and showing us how to properly communicate with her.

1-2-1 Consultation
Shane Tyler with Peaceful Pups 101 is truly astounding with the work he does with dogs. I took a dog in on a trial adoption and ended up renaming her, "Maya, the impossible." She had terrible behavior issues, wanted to attack every dog in sight, wouldn't listen, would drag me around like a rag doll, etc. Before I was introduced to Shane Tyler, Maya, the impossible, was on a one way ticket back to where she came from. Shane came over to our home to work with Maya and didn't skimp out one bit. He took his time, worked with her, although, it really was more of training me about how to interact with Maya in a way she understands. Shane has such a way with animals with behavior issues that before he left Maya was a completely different dog. I cannot thank Shane Tyler enough for saving Maya from a life at the shelter and for giving us a new family member.
- Holly & Maya -
1-2-1 Consultation
I have worked with several behaviorists and learned more here than I ever had.  Shane's methods really work

- Rosemary -
Canine Behavior 101 class
Shane is extremely knowledgable and knows the subject well.  He was able to answer every question and give other options for difficult cases.

- Lili -
Canine Behavior 101 class
The most useful class I have taken
for living with my dogs!

- Jan -
Canine Behavior 101 class
This was very good for me.  Just knowing all the ways to get and give respect with your dogs.  It will make my life with Lola much betterfor both of us.  Thank you!!!

- Greg -
Canine Behavior 101 class